February 27, 2015

Things my kid says

Me: "Why do you ask so many questions?"
Emma: "Because I want to learn"

"They should call it Wal-reds instead of Walgreens bc the buildings red not green!"

 "Why do you even like this book it doesn't have any pictures??!!"

I asked Emma "How did I get so lucky to have such a good girl?" And she answered me with "If you're a good mommy then you'll have a good child."

February 24, 2015

Explaining love to a 5 Year old

“Do you love Daddy?”

I quickly gathered my thoughts and tried to figure out how I was going to answer this. How do you explain love, relationships and break-ups to a five year old?! She couldn’t even begin to understand what the circumstances were or are. It is way too far beyond her comprehension to grasp that once upon a time her father and I were together and happy but we grew apart. We couldn’t get along enough to make it work. Sometimes that just happens. But instead of explaining to my sweet, little child that was so curious and wise beyond her years that unfortunately, sometimes love doesn’t last forever, I answered her with the only thing I thought she should hear at this point.

“Well sweetheart, Mommy and Daddy both love you very much. I love your daddy for what he gave me.”

A confused look spread across her innocent face. “What did Daddy give you?”

“He gave me you.”  

I waited wondering if this answer was sufficient enough and of course to my dismay it wasn’t.

“But mom I want to know if you love him”, she shot back at me putting emphasis on the love part.

“Honey, mommy and daddy aren’t together anymore. I care about him because he is your father but I don’t love him the way he and “newgirl” do. When two people are in a relationship or are married they are in love with each other. Sometimes it doesn’t always stay that way. Remember how you used to love Frozen and all you wanted to do was watch it but now you don’t like it anymore and you love Annie now? Sometimes things change. Sometimes people change. Sometimes, which is what I hope for you, we find something we love…and we love it forever. Do you understand?”

She stared back at me and was silent for a moment. Then she finally said, “Like the way I love you. I’m going to love you forever.”

“And I’m going to love you forever too…” 

February 12, 2015

Theme Song Thursday

"I need some real good lovin cause I'm troubled by the things that I see...

I guess I gotta learn to live with regrets, pay a percent and your exes take a commission."

January 11, 2015

Dream a little dream of me

"Stars shining bright above you, Night breezes seem to whisper I love you, Birds singing in the sycamore tree, Dream a little dream of me"

Sometimes you just have to escape from reality...and that's okay as long as you know that it's not a one way ticket and you have to return from this paradise.

 I'm a hopeless romantic with a wild imagination and a sucker for a good love story. I love fairy tales and happy endings. I know my story hasn't ended yet....I'm still waiting to find my Prince Charming. But sometimes when something happens to you that is just so far fetched, so unbelievable...you just have to pretend and enjoy it for the brief moment that it might last.

I began an "interaction" with someone who was so unobtainable and out of my league that it was surreal that it was actually even happening. But I allowed myself to continue with it and even develop crazy fantasies with a slight hope that they could come true. I compared myself to Ana being whisked away in this extravagant lifestyle that Christian Grey gave her or that bartender who married Matt Damon. I imagined myself falling in love with him and starting this amazing new life together. I knew it was impossible but a part of me hoped that there was a tiny chance that all my dreams could come true. I mean after the bad luck with dating I've had lately why not be my turn to fall in love...even if it was with a "Mr. Grey". Why didn't I deserve to be the Cinderella? After spending this amazing night with him where I felt like a Princess and got a glimpse into that life, it was so hard to look back. But I knew deep down that it was only my imagination getting the best of me and I just needed a wise dose of reality. He was wrong for me for so many reasons and not just because of who he was but also because he was 6 years my junior, was too far away and lived a lifestyle that I just couldn't compete with.

I knew all this but continued with it anyway. Because sometimes it's fun to play pretend and dream....I just need to remember when to wake up.