September 22, 2011

Theme song Thursday- I miss his blue eyes...

"I can't believe that I still want you...after all the things we've been through I miss everything about you"

The last few months leading up to the demise of our relationship consisted of nothing but fighting. It had gotten really bad towards the end. Although he's not the only one to blame, he did treat me pretty badly and yet I still find myself missing him.

That surprises me.

Despite everything that happened a piece of my heart is still taken by him. I still find myself longing for him but it confuses me as to why since in the last few months I had felt so much anger towards him.

But I miss the person he was not the person he became. I miss what our relationship had been not what it evolved into. I miss the "idea" of us.


  1. Hey T, Very powerful post tonight. I know any person going through a break up knows exactly how you feel. Looking back at the person we loved when things were different maybe dating or just married or things like that.

    The thing about good people like you and me is even if things are bad we think try to think about good times. When you know about the difficult ones but focus on the loving fun times it can make a break up so difficult. It makes you a good person but we get hurt in the end.

    You will get stronger. It takes time... Im gonna post something on my blog tomorrow night for you T. Take a look for me... I hope you are doing good today...

  2. i understand this. it's been almost five years but we dated for many years before that. i think it took about 2 years to truly accept the situation and get over it. it is so tough. but hang in there. you're worth so much more. especially for your child. your child deserves more!




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