October 08, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow

After having chinese food for lunch the other day I ended a delicious meal with my fortune cookie like I always do. I'm not sure how much I believe into all that fate, fortune telling and life's predictions. But even just for fun, I still like to read my fortune cookie, scan the newspaper for my horoscope, wish upon a star or my birthday candles and sometimes even cross my fingers for good luck.

Well this time when reading the tiny piece of paper with words of encouragement scrolled across it I felt an overwhelming wave of inspiration. It suited my current situation perfectly.

For all you regular Mommyland readers you know about my big move and all the new changes I've been going through. It hasn't been easy and I've had some really dark days, with huge thunderstorms.

But the skies are finally starting to clear up. The sun is peeking through the clouds. After I cried out all my tears till I was wrung dry I realized there will be better days filled with smiles that make it all worthwhile. It takes time but you will be just fine. I saved this fortune and it is now hanging on my refridgerator door to remind me that even when I'm sad there will ALWAYS be sunshine after the rain!

And if we're really lucky we might even get a beautiful rainbow.


  1. Hey T,
    Great post! Sorry i've been out sick. How you doing!? I hope your getting stronger. Just takes time! Keep in touch!

  2. Oh girl, I soooo get this. Sometimes, we're just looking for signs that it'll be okay. I'm glad you found yours.

    (And I'm glad you found my blog!!)

  3. Things will get better. Keep looking for that rainbow!


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