March 27, 2014

My response to the Bigot

I recently read a blog article that an angry bitter man wrote called "Why Real Men Don't Date Single Moms". It was the most ridiculous and absurd thing I have ever read in my life. He's a lonely unemployed man living in some slum neighborhood in the Bronx. He probably had a few bad experiences with some single moms out there and don't get me wrong there are some that are an exact depiction of what he describes (Probably a lot where he's from in the ghetto). But there are also many who are not. His distorted description of single mothers is that we're all manipulative, drama queens with an entitled attitude. That we're just looking for a man to be a surrogate father to our child and use them to help pay our way.

For many single mothers that is not the case AT ALL. To be honest it surprises me that such a bigoted, narrow minded viewpoint would even come from a black man. How many times do people make racist remarks and classify black men into a category of lazy, don't want to work, doing nothing and just living off the government, in gangs, hoodlums or in jail. It's a racist stereotype but it's the same exact thing that he's doing. There are so many single mothers out there, myself included, that work hard without handouts from the government and don't need a man to support us financially. We're strong independent women who can take care of ourselves and are only looking for a man to fall in love with just like any other single woman, whether she has a child or not.

There are many reasons why a person may be a single mother...her ex could have been abusive, maybe they grew part, maybe he cheated on her, whatever the circumstance it's better for a child to grow up in a home with a happy mother than one where they only hear fighting or witness a lack of love. Just because a woman has kids does not mean she's on welfare, is a gold digging whore, or is looking for a man solely for the purpose of him to become a stepdad. This man clearly had a bad experience and is now holding a grudge with his ignorant views.


  1. I love when people meet one bad egg and put everyone in that category. So frustrating.

  2. Wow I feel sorry for this man and all his blog readers. He obviously had a bad experience with a single mom and now hates them all. Sad.

  3. Everything that man said was true, single mom's like to play victim. If what he said did not apply to you then you have no reason to be upset.


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